Sunday, March 7, 2010

Present From The Postelles

If you remember the song "123 Stop" from back in 2008, then you probably know the Postelles are a NYC outfit that often gets compared to the Strokes. That's partly because they do, indeed, sound a little bit like them, but I also think it's because Albert Hammond, Jr., is a big supporter of the band and has produced much of their work. So, it's easy for bloggers, fans and critics to lump them together. If I had to come up with a Big Apple band to compare them to, I might say the Walkmen. What separates the Postelles from that whole lot is a doo-wop element and heavy Buddy Holly influence that makes them less garage and more pop. Whatever. All I know for sure is I like what I have heard, and their new three-song EP complete with a bonus remix by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear has me really excited about the upcoming album. Get the free download of "White Night," buy the EP from their Web site and keep an ear on these guys.

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