Friday, March 19, 2010

Cover Me Impressed: 'Nightime/Thirteen'

The past couple of days, as music bloggers continue to remember Alex Chilton, I have seen a flurry of fantastic Big Star covers posted. I don't want to merely replicate the mp3s of others and, fortunately, I have not seen this gem anywhere. Epic Soundtracks is another great artist that passed away far before his time, and he is one of my favorites from the '90s. In fact, I dare say his album 'Rise Above' would make my Top 20 of that decade. This song, however, came from the last studio album before his death, the out-of-print 'Change My Life.' His label, Bar None, describes the LP as a "a strange blend of Harry Nilsson and Alex Chilton." So, it should not be surprising the record has a Chilton-penned bonus track that isn't listed on the back cover.

The cover of Big Star's "Nightime/Thirteen" was recorded live at London's The Garage in October 1995. If you are a fan of Epic Soundtracks, there's a good chance you are also a fan of the Chamber Strings. For those that are, you will appreciate that Kevin Junior plays guitar and provides the backing vocals. Enjoy classic Chilton (and Chris Bell) done by a seemingly forgotten genius.

Epic Soundtracks - Nightime/Thirteen (Live) (mp3)

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