Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 100 Tracks of the Decade (#75-#51)

This is a list that could have easily gone on and on and on. To help curb this problem, I set one pretty big rule. No band could appear in my Top 100 more than once. That kept bands like Phoenix the New Pornographers from occupying about ten songs each, and it also made things a lot more interesting to assemble. That would also be a bore. I not only had to pare down bands, but then I had to trim songs within the band. And don't expect them all to be singles either. That would also be a bore. Two more notes: I don't have endless storage space for mp3s. I think I can get away with providing somewhere around 40 songs from this list. Until I get to the Top 15 or so, I'll be selecting songs for downloads I think are a little more obscure since many of you will already have the others. Finally, I only chose a few songs from 2009 for the same reason I selected so few new LPs for my best albums of the decade list. They need a little more time to season. I listen to lots of new music, and it would be easy to fall into the trap of selecting too many 2009 songs since they are so much in my consciousness. Now, on with the countdown. Feel free to send rants and raves.

Top Tracks of the Decade (#100-#76)

75. Crowded House - Don't Stop Now
74. Preston School of Industry - Falling Away
73. A.C. Newman - The Town Halo (mp3)
72. Apples in Stereo - Signal In The Sky (Let's Go)
71. The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover (mp3)
70. Lansing-Dreiden - A Line You Can Cross
69. Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
68. Prototypes - Je Ne Te Connais Pas
67. M83 - Kim & Jessie
66. Bloc Party - This Modern Love (mp3)
65. Mary Weiss - Don't Come Back (mp3)
64. Emma Pollock - Acid Test (mp3)
63. Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow (mp3)
62. Girls - Lust For Life
61. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood (mp3)
60. Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland Oregon
59. The Thrills - One Horse Town (mp3)
58. The Decemberists - The Sporting Life
57. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Skin Of my Yellow Country Teeth
56. Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof
55. Belle & Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby
54. The Shins - Sleeping Lessons
53. Coconut Records - Any Fun
52. Spoon - The Underdog
51. Glen Tilbrook - This Is Where You Ain't (mp3)

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