Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pixies To Do 'Doolittle'

How sad was it on this side of the pond when we learned the Pixies were reuniting (again) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 'Doolittle'... but only in Europe? Those lucky bastards were going to hear that seminal record in its entirety, complete with B-sides, no less. Hope you didn't buy your ticket overseas for those October shows because Frank Black just broke the news to Spin that they would do a handful of these shows in America too. Sounds like it will happen in Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and New York right after the trip abroad. 'Doolittle' is cool enough, but I dig some of those B-sides. Here is a reminder of those songs:

"From Monkey Gone to Heaven" single...
"Manta Ray"
"Weird at My School"
"Dancing the Manta Ray"

"From Here Comes Your Man" single...
"Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)"
"Into the White"
"Bailey's Walk"

Now, Pixies played the UK Surf version of "Wave of Mutilation" on their last tour, and Black mentions in the liner notes of the B-Sides compilation that this slower take "got even a bigger reaction from the audiences than the more rockin' version from 'Doolittle'. I guess mellow can sometimes be much more rockin'." My hope is the band will play both versions at each show to complete the record and B-sides. Here are both versions and another slow take recorded for John Peel's BBC show on April 16, 1989. Which one do you like best?

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (mp3) (from 'Doolittle')

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) (mp3) (from "Here Comes Your Man" single)

Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (mp3) (from 'At the BBC')

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