Friday, April 28, 2017

One More From a Wondermint

If you have found your way here today from JC's bellwether blog the (new) vinyl villain, here's a bonus to accompany the imaginary compilation album featuring the work of L.A. power-pop band Wondermints. Maybe it should be called a hidden track since the song is a rare one even among die-hard fans.

If you have followed the solo career of Brian Wilson, then you no doubt know about 'Sweet Insanity,' the follow-up album to Wilson's self-titled solo debut. The long player was to be released in 1991 but was shelved and never got a proper release. There are, of course, bootleg versions, and many Wilson aficionados like myself have mixed feelings about the songs. I think part of it comes down to not being able to shake knowing Dr. Eugene Landy was right there in the studio with him writing lyrics and playing bad cop, but that's a story for another day. This post is supposed to be about Wondermints.

In March 1992, years before their first album and many more years before they would meet Wilson and begin working with him, Darian Sahanaja and Nick Walusko of Wondermints were messing about with a four-track Tascam 246 cassette recorder. With help from Nick, Darian covered the 'Sweet Insanity' song "Do You Have Any Regrets?" In 1997, after Wondermints had started gaining traction, French label Pop The Balloon released the song as a 7" single. Darian slowed the tempo a bit, and even though this was on a four-track, I'll take his production over Wilson's take every time. Darian did, however, show us the bones of a great song were there.

Brian Wilson - "Do You Have Any Regrets?"
Darian - "Do You Have Any Regrets?"

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Wow -- missed this one entirely. Cheers, Brian!