Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Was Your Lunch?

If you sat at your cubicle and stared at a computer screen while nibbling at a bologna sandwich housed on a brown-paper bag doubling as a plate (obviously, I have never done that before!), you might find this post depressing. As for the rest you, I hope you can be happy for me.

The Wedding Present are in town, and they gave a free lunch-time performance at the studios of Seattle radio station KEXP. It was an all-too-brief performance that filled the 12-12:30 slot, but it was an intimate and interesting way to see the Weddoes for the very first time... ever. Yes, you read that correctly. That was a lot of noise at noon for the 75 or so that showed up, and highlights included "Rachel", my favorite from latest album 'Going, Going...', "End Credits", from previous album 'Valentina', and the following from the band's 1992 singles series. This one nearly left my ears bleeding. I have never heard four people make such a racket.

"Flying Saucer"

I'm no shutterbug, and I'm not one to have the camera phone out at a show, but I managed a couple of photos of Gedge and Co. during the soundcheck and after the last song (see below). Not sure even lobster on the French Riviera could top today's lunch. KEXP usually archives these performances. If this one shows up, I'll be sure to post it.


Band With KEXP DJ

Equipment Stage Left


The Swede said...

Sounds like the perfect lunch to me Brian - what a treat. I look forward to checking the show.

drew said...

As Swede said. They are one of the bbest live acts, never disappoint. Will be seeing them again at the end of May, think they are doing George Best in full once more. Flying Saucer is great live, one of my many favs.

George said...

Sitting at a laptop screen listening to the birds tweet and the slurpy sound of a dog licking its genitals. As you ask. Although your lunchtime treat sounds tremendous, nice one Brian.

TheRobster said...

I'll be seeing them in June for about the 8th time. They're touring George Best for its 30th anniversary. I see there's yet another new female bass player. How many does Gedge get through?

Rol said...

Definitely better than my lunch of tepid baked potato and too much coffee.

Brian said...

I wish the George Best anniversary tour had started now. Alas, as was said, those dates begin next month in the UK. You'll be in good hands with Danielle. She was more than capable on the bass.

JC said...

Wonderfully written piece. As lunchtimes go, I can't imagione that being bettered.