Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy (Mitch) Easter!

The tradition continues. On this day, I usually mix it up a bit with Mitch Easter's work as a musician and as a producer and engineer, but the Easter Bunny told me he was feeling pretty basic this holiday. Said he wanted to do the pogo to a Let's Active video. I assumed he only did the hop, but I decided to egg him on with five fine clips. Enjoy the day, everyone.

"Every Word Means No" (from the 1983 EP "afoot")

"Waters Part" (from the 1984 album 'Cypress')

"In Little Ways" (from the 1986 album 'Big Plans for Everybody')

"Every Dog Has His Day" (from the 1988 album 'Every Dog Has His Day') This one has an intro from a cable-access show that's worth the price of admission.

"Easy Does" (recorded at Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, N.C., Aug. 9, 2014... We miss you, Faye!)


FurryBootsCityBoy said...

Wow! 30 years ago I bought "Big Plans for Everybody", but can't recall hearing of the band - or Mitch Easter - for ages. Thanks for this. I'll have to go dig out that album from the vaults.

Walter said...

This series takes me back to the old days. I should grab out the record once again. Thank you Brian.

charity chic said...

I think we knew this was coming Brian!

Brian said...

My reputation precedes me. Have a couple of goodies for next year... if I can keep from using them between now and then.

Bob said...

Man, saw them on the Big Plans and Every Dog tours. Mitch produced a friend of mines band and they toured with them a bit for Every Dog. Fun times. Have a ton of old demos.