Saturday, November 19, 2016

Farewell to Inspirational Miss Sharon Jones

From Rikers Island correction officer and wedding singer to Grammy-nominated superstar, the fascinating tale of late bloomer Sharon Jones will no doubt inspire the next great soul-revival vocalist just as the career of Mr. Dynamite, James Brown, once showed her the way.

I had a surreal moment this morning when I learned of Miss Jones' death. After hopping into bed last night, I decided to listen to one more song. With the lights already off, I fumbled for the iPod on the nightstand and played Jones' "I Learned the Hard Way," which Mrs. LTL and I thoroughly enjoyed as we drifted off. I don't have any idea why that song popped into my head. I hadn't listened to the Dap-Kings in ages. When the alarm on my phone went off this morning and I quickly scanned the headlines from my pillow, well, the news was just too much. After a day of reflection and the realization she had already physically left us when I listened to her song, I took it to mean she'll never really be gone. The music makes her immortal. It's tough to imagine that firecracker ever resting, but rest in peace, Miss Jones.

"I Learned the Hard Way"


charity chic said...

A lovely tribute Brian
A firecracker is a very apt description to sum up her personality

C said...

Yes, lovely tribute Brian. And how strange that you were listening to her as you drifted off before the news broke; sometimes when these things happen and seem more than coincidence, it makes you wonder.

drew said...

As CC says

kevinpat said...

Her short time in the spotlight was powerful enough for a lifetime. Godspeed, Ms. Jones. You did good.
And nice tribute Brian. Who knows right?