Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter D, Part 3)

Another quick one because I only have a couple of singles and one album from today's pick. I got into the Darling Buds early on because the Welsh band was often compared to the Primitves in the press, a band I loved from their Lazy days. Although I never got into the Buds in quite the same way, "If I Said" was a great first listen, and the 1988 debut album 'Pop Said...' remains a fun album that really got my head bopping last night. If given sodium Pentothal, I might confess Andrea Lewis fronting the outfit had something to do with my affection, but only a pig would make such a proclamation. So, I won't.

'Pop Said...' was a a bona fide hit in the UK, and the album spawned a whopping five singles between early '88 and the summer of '89. "Let's Go Round There" got quite a bit of airplay here in America, but the one I liked best was the last single. Upon listening to it yesterday, I'm sure it was because the song sounded most like something from the Tracy Tracy and PJ Court playbook. In recent years, Welsh resident the Robster at Is This the Life? has featured songs from later in the Darling Buds' discography, and his argument for picking up the two albums that followed was quite persuasive.

"You've Got to Choose"


Echorich said...

You got it right Brian, FUN. The Darling Buds were fun. If I Said is all C86 charm and You've Got To Choose is great. I also hold Tiny Machine from 1990 pretty high.

The Swede said...

I haven't heard it for a while, but I also have good memories of 'Tiny Machine'.

TheRobster said...

Yep, those next two albums are still worth investing in... Let's Go Round There is my fave from this album though.

Anonymous said...

I really do like these short and sharp assessments that you excel at Brian. Wonderful little piece.