Monday, March 5, 2012

Release Date for dB's Album

I'm beginning to think this is really going to happen. After seven long years of work, Bar/None has set a release date for 'Falling Off the Sky,' the first album from the dB's original lineup since 'Repercussion' in 1982. Mark your calendars for June 12. Hats off to Bar/None for resurrecting the careers of two of my all-time favorites, these guys and the Feelies. For a tiny bit more on the new record, as well as a widget with a new song not slated for 'Falling Off the Sky,' check out this previous post. One more tiny piece of tracklist news: The songs "Picture Sleeve" and "Write Back," from the band's Record Store Day 7" out last spring, will be two of the 12 songs on 'Falling Off the Sky.' If you're a regular here, you know I have been raving about that single ad nauseum for almost a year.

Speaking of singles, let's give a listen to the dB's earliest one. It was actually credited to "Chris Stamey and the dB's." The A-side was recorded in 1977 with help from Television's Richard Lloyd. The B-side was recorded in 1978. Band members Will Rigby and Gene Holder were on board by then, but Peter Holsapple didn't join the fellas until later in the year. Although the dB's first album was still a few years away (released, not recorded), both of these songs would have fit in quite nicely on 'Stand for Decibels.' I got these from the fabulous 'Children of Nuggets' box set. Sadly, it's out of print, but you can still buy copies here.

Chris Stamey and the dB's - (I Thought) You Wanted to Know (mp3)
Chris Stamey and the dB's - If and When (mp3)

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