Sunday, January 29, 2012

New M. Ward Solo Album Announced

As a member of She & Him and the all-star band Monsters of Folk, it's easy to forget M. Ward is also an acclaimed solo artist. M. Ward's sporadic output doesn't help. His last album, 'Hold Time,' came out three years ago, and its predecessor came out three years before that. Fortunately, M. Ward as solo artist is about to be back on the map. His sixth album, 'A Wasteland Companion,' comes out via Merge Records on April 10. I, for one, can't wait.

M. Ward's most successful solo album (at least on the charts) was 'Hold Time,' and it was fairly well received by critics too, but I think his brightest moment was 'Post-War' from 2006. If you don't have it, get it. If you are a card-carrying member of the seemingly growing "I hate She & Him" camp, keep in mind the following song came out a couple of years before that band launched. It just might help.

M. Ward - Chinese Translation (mp3)

M. Ward will be on the road throughout April and May, but I want to highlight a handful of shows in mid-April because he is on the bill with one of my favorites, the recently reunited fIREHOSE. Now that's a night of entertainment.

M. Ward on Tour With fIREHOSE
Apr 12 Santa Cruz, Calif., The Cocoanut Grove Ballroom
Apr 16 San Diego, Belly Up
Apr 17 Phoenix, Crescent Ballroom
Apr 18 Flagstaff, Ariz, The Orpheum

'A Wasteland Companion' Tracklist
1. Clean Slate (for Alex & El Goodo)
2. Primitive Girl
3. Me And My Shadow
4. Sweetheart
5. I Get Ideas
6. The First Time I Ran Away
7. A Wasteland Companion
8. Watch The Show
9. There’s A Key
10. Crawl After You
11. Wild Goose
12. Pure Joy

Feb. 1 Update: Here is our first listen from the impending album. Enjoy "The First Time I Ran Away."

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