Monday, January 23, 2012

Early Simple Minds Albums Get Boxed

Many, especially here in the States, think Simple Minds got their start when they appeared on a certain "Brat Pack" soundtrack and followed it up with the full-length smash 'Once Upon a Time.' That's a shame. It kind of reminds me of Madness. By the time Madness hit the U.S. charts for the first time (with "Our House"), their best work was already behind them. Let's hope that gets rectified when Simple Minds' first five albums are bundled together as the six-disc 'x5' box set, out as a UK import on Feb. 13. There are six discs because 'Sons and Fascination' and 'Sister Feelings Call,' first released together, are on separate discs this time around. There are two or three bonus tracks on each disc (B-sides, remixes, etc.), with the exception of 'New Gold Dream' and its six extra cuts. Unfortunately for you die-hard fans, none of these are previously unreleased tracks.

As for me, I'm a fan that falls somewhere between Simple Minds' earliest work and the inferior U.S.-hits period. I think 'Sparkle in the Rain' is their best, but I don't have every record in this box set. I think it might be time to rectify that situation.

Simple Minds - Love Song (mp3) (from 'Sons and Fascination')

'x5' Bonus Tracks

Disc 1: 'Life in a Day' (1979)
"Special View" (B-side to "Life in a Day")
"Garden of Hate" (B-side to "Chelsea Girl")

Disc 2: 'Real to Real Cacophony' (1979)
"Kaleidoscope" (Flexi-disc A-side)
"Film Theme" (Dub) (Flexi-disc B-side)
"Premonition" (Live) (B-side to "Changeling")

Disc 3: 'Empires and Dance' (1980)
"New Warm Skin" (B-side to "I Travel")
"I Travel" (Extended Mix)
"Celebrate" (Extended Mix)

Disc 4: 'Sons and Fascination' (1981)
"Sweat in Bullet" (Extended Remix)
"In Trance As Mission" (Live) (B-side to "Sweat in Bullet" 12″)
"This Earth That You Walk Upon" (Instrumental) (B-side to "Love Song" 12″)

Disc 5: 'Sister Feelings Call' (1981)
"The American" (Extended Mix)
"League of Nations" (Live) (B-side to "Sweat in Bullet" 12")

Disc 6: 'New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)' (1982)
"Promised You a Miracle" (Extended Version)
"Glittering Prize" (Club Mix) (12" A-side)
"Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)" (Extended Mix)
"Soundtrack for Every Heaven" (B-side to "Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)" 12″)
"New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)" (German 12" Remix) (12" A-side)
"In Every Heaven" (from 'New Gold Dream' DVD-Audio)

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Uncle E said...

I bought this and absolutely love it. It's fantastically inventive stuff.
Interesting you should mention that "brat pack" movie. I did a post (a rant, actually) on how John Hughes was the Devil and was responsible for the death of many a great '80's band on July 18th, 2009. I ended the rant with "Damn you John Hughes. Damn you to Hell!!"
Well, the dude actually died a couple of weeks after this went live and I felt horrible. My wife wouldn't speak to me for a month. Here's thje link if you'd like to take a look...