Thursday, January 26, 2012

12 Inches of Love: General Public Edition

I picked up a vinyl copy of the English Beat's 1981 album 'Wha'ppen?' the other day (for a mere $2, yippee!), and that has me on a real Dave Wakeling/Ranking Roger kick. Let's see if it's contagious.

"Tenderness" is a great pop single from the 1984 album "All the Rage." Along with Talk Talk, the Style Council, Icicle Works and a handful of others from the era, this was a band I liked that actually cracked the Top 40. John "Jellybean" Benitez produced this extended version, and I can honestly say this is one of my favorite 12" singles of all time.

General Public - Tenderness (Dance Mix) (mp3)

Two years after 'All the Rage,' General Public released 'Hand to Mouth.' Believe me, there is no "Tenderness" here, and the album was ignored by just about all. For nearly a decade thereafter, Wakeling and Ranking Roger would go their separate ways. During this blog's infancy, I wrote about Ranking Roger's one bright moment during that period, but I digress. The song below was the best of the 'Hand to Mouth' lot, but I'm pretty indifferent on the 12" single. I pulled out the record for mp3 conversion just tonight, and it seemed like a very long seven minutes.

General Public - too much or NOTHING (extended DANCE MIX) (mp3)

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heczohar said...

Hello, hope you're well. I see you posted a link to a very much appreciated piece of art called Tenderness Dance Mix, whic, by the way I've been looking for since 198something! Is there any way you could share this again? Greetings from Mexico City!