Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will U2 Really Walk Away, Walk Away?

I haven't listened to much Bono has had to say for more than two decades, but he seems to have something important to say now. When referring to their future, the U2 frontman told Rolling Stone, "we'd be very pleased to end on 'No Line on the Horizon.'" Really? Is Team U2, the marketing machine masquerading as a band, ready to pull an R.E.M.? I could almost... almost see them staying out of the studio. Hey, if it's good enough for the Stones. Then again, without a pipeline of new tunes, there will be no U2 iPods or other tie-ins. Let's be honest. Could Bono & Co. ever give up the bloated, soulless arena-rock shows that bring in hundreds of dollars a ticket? No, I'm thinking we're stuck with these blokes. This mini "are we still relevant?" rampage of Bono's has to be part of some sinister plan to separate the lemmings from their wallets.

Still don't believe me? Then forget all of that and simply ask yourself, could Bono actually be "very pleased" to end his career with an album like 'No Line on the Horizon?' U2 fans, you have nothing to worry about. Here's one to remind you of better days.

Oct. 28 Update: Now Bono says the only way U2 survives and stays relevant is with a string of hit singles. What is this, 1986? Bono, in case you haven't noticed, the pop charts are about as relevant as the Grammys. Just make a good record like you and the fellas did in days of yore.

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