Thursday, August 25, 2011

Several Seconds of Pleasure From Rockpile

Perhaps I should just go ahead and make this blog an ode to Nick Lowe, eh? In case you missed it, there was a very cool live set from Rockpile released this week. In 1980, a short time before splitting up, Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams graced the stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. A quick inspection of the tracklist will give fans of these four fellas goosebumps. When you think of it, however, it should have been better.

Lowe had released 'Labour of Lust' and Edmunds had put out 'Repeat When Necessary' a year earlier. Then, of course, there was the lone Rockpile album, 'Seconds of Pleasure,' they were on tour to promote. So, I'm a little disappointed Lowe has only one song from his latest "solo" (every member of Rockpile played on it) work on the 16-track disc, and he rarely takes lead-vocal duties here. Oh well, I'll take it. Outside of a handful of bootlegs, there hasn't been much Rockpile out there. I'm adding this one to my queue right now. Enjoy a little live Rockpile below, and preorder 'Live at Montreux 1980' here.

Rockpile - So Fine (mp3)
(Recorded for the BBC, April 7, 1977, Paris Theatre, London)

'Live at Montreux 1980' Tracklist
1. Sweet Little Lisa
2. So It Goes
3. I Knew The Bride
4. Queen Of Hearts
5. Switchboard Susan
6. Trouble Boys
7. Teacher Teacher
8. Girls Talk
9. 3 Time Loser
10. You Ain't Nothin' But Fine
11. Crawling From The Wreckage
12. Let It Rock
13. I Hear You Knocking
14. They Called It Rock
15. Ju Ju Man
16. Let's Talk About Us

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