Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Song From Big Country

As I mentioned at the close of 2010, Mike Peters, frontman for the Alarm, took a turn as Big Country's lead vocalist for a special New Year's Eve show. By all accounts, that appearance went very well. So well, in fact, they have played several more shows in 2011. One Edinburgh show from April even became a double-CD, double-DVD package called 'Dreams Stay With You.' Now it has been announced Peters is a permanent member of the band. Big Country will be releasing it's first single in this new incarnation on Monday, and Steve Lillywhite, producer of the band's brightest moment, 'The Crossing,' is once again at the controls. It's all very exciting, especially for me, as this is the band I have posted the most about here at Linear Tracking Lives!

As for the new song, called "Another Country," there is a version floating around that the band did for a Scottish radio show. You can hear it below. I know I have a bias, but I think it's old-school Big Country and well worth a few bucks. Lucky for me that Mrs. LTL! is in Europe next week and can pick up this one for me. Yes, it feels a little funny, and I miss the late Stuart Adamson very much, but I'm really rooting for the other fellas and hope a 12" single will be released... just like days of yore. We have already heard from Bruce Watson that "Another Country" is but a little taste, and there will, indeed, be a full-length album next year. Here is the preorder info and tracklisting for the single. Stay alive!

"Another Country" Digital Download
1. Another Country
2. Just a Shadow (Billy Sloan session)
3. Never Take Your Place (Live from Edinburgh April 11)

"Another Country" CD Single
1. Another Country
2. Just a Shadow (Billy Sloan session)
3. Steeltown (Billy Sloan session)
4. Never Take Your Place (Live from Edinburgh April 11)

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