Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can Changes Rejuvenate the Rosebuds?

I have spent way too much of 2011 posting old favorites and not enough time writing about what has made this a pretty darn good year for music thus far. I'm going to spend the next few days rectifying that situation.

Let's start with a duo from the Merge stable that's going to be releasing their fifth album, 'Loud Planes Fly Low,' on June 7. The Rosebuds like to genre hop, and it's difficult to fault them for that since they are so accomplished at it. Now, I tend to gravitate toward the folk and indie rock sides of the band's personality, but I have to admit the dance stuff has been good, too. If I could only have one of their albums, I would choose 'Birds Make Good Neighbors,' and I suggest you pick it up (if you haven't already). "Blue Bird," in fact, made my top songs of the last decade. You might know that Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp were married. Yes, I said "were." 'Loud Planes Fly Low' is their first musical endeavor as a former couple. It will be interesting to hear how this new dynamic will alter the band's sound. Merge says: "Proudly mature, genuinely reflective, 'Loud Planes Fly Low' is the most honest Rosebuds record since Ivan and Kelly made their way out of the gates in 2003."

You can already preorder the new album from the label, and here is a little something to remind you the Rosebuds rule. It sounds like they are ready to surprise us again. Introspection, anyone?

The Rosebuds - Second Bird of Paradise (mp3)

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