Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Listen: Spiral Stairs, The Swimmers, More

Welcome to my 100th post! This has been quite a memorable week for first listens. Matador released a second mp3 from Spiral Stairs' upcoming release, 'The Real Feel'. Although I liked the first song I heard ("Maltese Terrier") better than this one, I'm really looking forward to the new record when it comes out Oct. 20. Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs) will be touring a bit this fall with Bob Mould. That's a hell of a bill for you West Coasters.

Spiral Stairs - True Love (mp3)

On Nov. 3, Philly's The Swimmers are following up the excellent 2008 effort 'Fighting Trees' with 'People Are Soft'. Dip your big toe right here for cool harmonies and keyboards.

The Swimmers - A Hundred Hearts (mp3)
The Swimmers - What This World Is Coming To (mp3)

Has it really been three weeks since I wrote about faves Air and The Swell Season? That's just not right. Air's 'Love 2' is still set for an Oct. 6 release, and I got my mitts on a third song from the highly anticipated record. As for The Swell Season, 'Strict Joy' will hit the stores on Oct. 27, and I have another song from that one as well. "In These Arms" is taken from Anti-'s fall sampler.

Air - So Light Is Her Footfall (mp3)
The Swell Season - In These Arms (mp3)

Finally, The Clientele's latest, 'Bonfires on the Heath', will be out on Merge Oct. 6. Online reviews have been a bit mixed, but I think it stacks up with their best work (which is 'Strange Geometry', if you were wondering). We listened to "I Wonder Who We Are" way back in July. Let's give two more new tracks a try to whet your appetite for Tuesday.

The Clientele - Bonfires on the Heath (mp3)
The Clientele - Harvest Time (mp3)

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