Friday, October 16, 2009

Captain Is Called Home

For those of a certain age, wrestling personality Louis Vincent Albano was known as a rubber-band wielding weirdo that showed up on a few Cyndi Lauper music videos and helped bridge the rock 'n' wrestling connection in the 1980s. My love for Captain Lou can be traced back to his work as a manager of and performer with NRBQ. Captain Lou died on Wednesday at the age of 76. I'm sure he tried to team up with Peter at the Pearly Gates... and then asked for his cut. You'll be missed, brother. "It's psychedelic pandemonium..."

Some say the man's not wrapped too tight,
Captain Lou, Captain Lou, Captain Lou
But when he's on the scene, everything's alright,
Captain Lou, Captain Lou Albano

NRBQ & Captain Lou Albano - Captain Lou (mp3)

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