Monday, July 12, 2021

The MIDDYs: Favorite Albums

Will need to make this quick. Mom is in town for the first time since the pandemic began. Here are the 10 albums (in no particular order) I have been listening to from the first half of 2021. If you saw my pal McPop's album list in the comments section of my favorite songs post earlier this month, there won't be too many surprises below. I should add I moved the album from Holsapple & Stamey from the reissues list to this one because, frankly, it's not really a reissue and makes more sense here. I replaced it with a real prize by the Apartments. Would love to hear about the albums you have been listening to from the first half of 2021. July is off to a great start too. The new one from the Goon Sax is a real keeper.

The Reds, Pinks & Purples - 'Uncommon Weather'
The Lodger - 'Cul-De-Sac of Love'
The Catenary Wires - 'Birling Gap'
Massage - 'Still Life'
Holsapple & Stamey - 'Our Back Pages'
The Boys With the Perpetual Nervousness - 'Songs From Another Life'
Quivers - 'Golden Doubt'
The Telephone Numbers - 'The Ballad of Doug'
The Chills - 'Scatterbrain'
Various - 'Something Beautiful'


McPop said...

Hi Brian. Great list! I still need to pick up the Lodger album and will check out Catenary Wires and Something Beautiful soundtrack. Thanks.

MisterPrime said...

Hi Brian. That Reds, Pinks and Purples album is definitely my favourite of the year. I got the Monorail vinyl version with the extra tracks on CD and I'm still basically listening to it pretty much every day...

Indiggy said...

Absolutely love the records from The Lodger and The Chills. Also spinning the EP's from Summersets and the latest from Tenant from Zero, Field Music, and Kevin Robertson quite a bit.