Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Binge-Worthy Band, Format Be Damned

I don't normally tout digital albums. In my book, if I can't hold it, forget it. Exceptions, however, sometimes have to be made. The Haywains released a download-only live album earlier this month on Bandcamp, and I can't get enough. 'The Haywains Have Left The Building!' captures the Woosh vets in a complete 14-track live show from Nottingham in '93, as well as an additional 16 songs from shows in the late '80s through 2015. My official sound-quality scale for officially released live albums ranges from 'Alive in the Living Room' (poor) to 'The Name of This Band is Talking Heads' (excellent). With an album featuring songs from 10 different shows, as you would expect, the quality varies, but all of these are much closer to Talking Heads. Some songs, such as "Fisherman's Friend" from NYC Popfest 2014, make you feel like you are there. No matter the format, 'The Haywains Have Left The Building!' is a must have for every jangle-pop fan. Now go get it. This is a name your price download.


Rol said...

The last time I bought a Haywains album was on your recommendation, Brian... so I went to check this out and found Bandcamp were flogging their entire discography at a very reasonable bundle price.

Dutifully purchased.

Brian said...

Rol, thanks for looking past my old man snobbery on downloads and seeing good value. You will not be disappointed. Even their 21st century releases are fantastic. I have just about everything being offered on that Bandcamp page... but not quite. I have to admit it would be quicker, easier and cheaper to fill the gaps your way... especially with overseas postage.

Dan Destiny's Silver Dawn said...

Nice work, Rol! I like your style. Brian, I hope you are on a commission!

Do you happen to know where the Nottingham show was at? Being 1993, I would guess the Narrowboat. I saw some great indie pop shows there at the time - a Heavenly/Carousel gig being a particular stand out.

Brian said...

Heavenly... damn you, DDSD. Jealous again. Venue names are the kind of details that would be nice to know. I certainly would include it if I was in control of releasing a physical album. Perhaps my Nottingham correspondent can shed some light. MisterPrime, are you out there?