Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Beautiful Bunch of Sevens

My hearty congratulations to Optic Nerve Recordings. The last single of the Optic Sevens indie-pop reissue series has been dispatched, and here is the whole kit and caboodle in all of its glory. Click on the photo above for a better look. I have subscribed to quite a few of these things through the years, but I think this one might have been the best. Each sleeve is of high-quality stock and expertly reproduced to look exactly like the original issue. The vinyl on each 7" is thick, and the colors were chosen to complement the sleeve. Every single came with a poster of either a show bill or ad, and the label even threw in a postcard, usually a photo of the band, for good measure. I grabbed the single for "What Went Wrong This Time?" to give you a better idea of what you typically received.

I always get nervous when colored vinyl is involved, but the sound has been great. Optic Nerve did a fantastic job with the shipping too. Not a bent corner or crease to be found. Speaking of shipping, I had the label send them to me in batches of at least two to save on postage across the Atlantic, and it worked out beautifully. All of this is mentioned because the scuttlebutt is there might be a future Optic Sevens series. I'll let you know when I know, but trust me, indie-pop fans, you won't want to miss out.

Nobody has asked me, but here is my humble suggestion for a single I would love to see as part of a future Optic Sevens series...

The Darling Buds - If I Said

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A thing of beauty Brian