Thursday, May 23, 2019

Highlights From a Mess of Singles From Matinée

Matinée Recordings HQ is really hopping. New digital singles and EPs abound by favorites like Red Sleeping Beauty, Azure Blue and Bubblegum Lemonade. I am particularly smitten by one of the label's latest signings, Seville's own the Royal Landscaping Society. The Sarah vibe on "Goodbye" has me pining for a long player.

The Perfect English Weather also have an EP to promote a brand-new mix of "Call Me When the Rain Comes," the stellar closer from the recent 'Don't You Wanna Feel The Rain?' album. The most obvious change from the original is the addition of Jonny Aitken from Spiritualized providing live drums. With all of this as prelude, I got in touch with Simon Pickles for a quick rundown on this song and the other three tracks exclusive to the EP.

"Call Me When the Rain Comes" EP

1. "Call Me When the Rain Comes" (Single Mix)

Simon: CMWTRC was inspired by a holiday in Nova Scotia visiting Wendy's uncle and taking walks along the rivers which were very low because of the unusually dry summer. The trout were nowhere to be found and it all seemed a bit climate change related. It’s a bit of an ode to connecting with nature and with distant family.

2. "How Could I Ever?"

Simon: This was actually quite an old song that didn't make it into 'Pop Fiction,' but I always liked the tune and was written after reading Chet Baker's biography. About a woman hanging around with a useless bloke!

3. "She Isn't Counting on a Miracle"

Simon: This is about someone who is left alone to cope with everyday life after a difficult life event.

4. "Carry Me"

Simon: I was listening to Laura Marling and liked the haunting quality of her records. Perhaps this is not quite up to that level!

That's not all, indie-pop fans. Simon and Wendy's band the Popguns will be appearing on the upcoming WIAIWYA compilation celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 adventure. Like everything on WIAIWYA, and with contributors like Pam Berry of Black Tambourine and indie royalty Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey on the 38-track double disc, 'The Moon And Back - One Small Step For Global Pop' is bound to sell out. The Popguns appear three times, and Simon says album opener "'Carrying the Fire' is a bit of mini rock opera fun really, with a nice pretentious prelude and then some full-on rock drama. 'Carrying The Fire' is also the name of [astronaut] Michael Collins' autobiography." That should have you starting the countdown for a July 5 release.

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