Saturday, March 9, 2019

As the Record Turns

On our last exciting episode of As the Record Turns, Chris at Jigsaw Records had procured two big boxes of singles from an indie-pop fan and put them up for sale in his shop. I made a nice haul, and you can read about that here. The cliffhanger was there would eventually be another shipment from the same seller, and this time it would be vinyl not of the 7" persuasion. Those records arrived a week ago Thursday. There would be 116 pieces, mostly of the LP variety, along with a smattering of 10" EPs and 12" singles.

For those of you who live vicariously through the record purchases of those in our little corner of the 'Net (no judgments, I'm one of them!), here's what I picked up. I didn't get to peruse the boxes until Friday afternoon, and a few of the best pieces had already been snatched, such a few early 12" singles from the Popguns, but there were still a few interesting scraps. Overall, the boxes of 7" singles were a bit more exciting to me because they were just about all from my favorite genre. That wasn't completely the case this time. Here's my catch:

Clockwise from the upper left we have:

The Wolfhounds - "Me" (12")
The Popguns - "Landslide" (12")
The Wedding Present - "Anyone Can Make a Mistake"(12")
The Fireworks - "Black & Blue" (10")
The Groove Farm- "The Big Black Plastic Explosion" ‎(12")
The Groove Farm - "Driving In Your New Car" (10")
The Groove Farm - 'Alvin Is King' (LP)
Boyracer - "We Are Made Of The Same Wood" (10")
Microdisney - 'The Clock Comes Down The Stairs' (LP)
The Lucksmiths - "Staring At The Sky" (10")
The Wolfhounds - "Cruelty" (12")

After the initial euphoria began to wear off, I started to question how many of these records I really needed. For instance, take that 12" of "Me" from the Wolfhounds. I had the 7" already and, worse, I also have the Optic Nerve Recordings edition of 'Unseen Ripples From A Pebble' on CD with the B-sides. The same can be said for many of the finds pictured above. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Collecting all of these formats is a sickness, isn't it? I'm most happy about the three picked up by the Groove Farm. That brings me just a little closer to having the entire discography of the Subway Organization... probably my favorite label. I came to the Wedding Present late in life, and I'm still trying to gather all of the singles from the 1980s. Nearly there now. All in all, a decent haul. It could be a while before the next episode of As the Record Turns. We don't get too many boxes like these showing up in these parts.

I'll never pass up the Lucksmiths on vinyl. Here's one from 1999.

The Lucksmiths - The Golden Age of Aviation

Hold the phone! This old man actually went to a show the other night. All about that next time.


George said...

" I started to question how many of these records I really needed"
ALL of them. Man Alive, Brian, it's obvious.

Charity Chic said...

What is this word need that you talk of?

The Swede said...

The previous two comments say it all Brian - we're all in the same boat, all as hopelessly addicted, in our own ways, as each other. As you might expect, I'm particularly pleased to spot a couple of Wolfhounds records in your stash, though as you didn't pick it up, I assume you must already have 'No Place Called Home' by The June Brides? A great little tune.

Brian said...

You're right, fellas. I was just being silly. I don't need any help. Just because I want the 7" and the 12" doesn't mean I'm an addict. What's the matter with you people? Everyone just leave me alone! Get off my back!

Uh, sorry. I don't know what got into me.

Swede, you know darn well I have everything by the June Brides... as well as Phil's solo stuff. Love 'em so much I almost want to buy them all over again. Does that sound like an addict?