Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday's Not-So-Long Song

Here's a nod and a wink to my blogging pals and their inspiring series of long songs each Monday. I have a whole room chock full of three-minute pop songs but not nearly enough long tunes to play along... that is, unless I start pulling out my '80s 12" singles. That would certainly put a damper on what is already the most depressing day of the week. Here's one you know quite well in its seven-minute form. It won't surprise you to know this version didn't make it on Joe Strummer's '001' compilation that came out earlier this year. I opted for the relatively inexpensive two-CD set of that one, and I will probably end up regretting that choice. What can I say? My list of record wants is a mile long.

For you Strummer completists out there, it might interest you to know the U.S. version of this 12" came with a dub and instrumental version of "Love Kills" that doesn't seem to be on the UK version. Not sure how it happened, but this silly Yank somehow ended up with the UK version.

Love Kills (Extended Mix)


The Swede said...

If we ever instigated a '2½ Minute Song Wednesday' or something similar, the sheer strength in depth of the entries from your collection would surely knock us all out of the park Brian.
I was actually a little disappointed that an extended and uncensored mix of 'Love Kills' wasn't used for '001'. Oh well, there's always '002', hopefully. I was intrigued to hear that there's a dub version of the tune floating around. I'm not sure if I knew that and had forgotten about it, or if it had simply passed me by. Anyhow, I found it over on YouTube, so thanks for the heads-up!

John Medd said...

Arise Sir Joseph of Strummerville. I could listen to dub versions of Clash/Strummer songs all night long.