Monday, June 25, 2018

Piecing Together Jigsaw's Recent Releases

I had a fruitful trip to Jigsaw Records on Saturday. I picked up all four of those Sarah-related releases from Emotional Response I mentioned last month, and I also got a few of the latest records from Jigsaw I had been listening to incessantly via Bandcamp the past couple of weeks. When it comes to Chris and his prolific label, though, you had better be quick if you want to keep up. I got PZL139, PZL140 and PZL141, but he has already added 142 and 143 to his ever-growing list of releases.

Let's start with Flying Fish Cove. This Seattle-based band's self-titled four-song EP is indie-pop at its best and reminds me so much of Heavenly that the first 30 seconds of opener "Sleight of Hand" left me slack-jawed. There is a full-length album in the works, and Chris has recently joined the band on drums. There will be a few shows this summer. Check 'em out. Amelia would approve.

Next up is another four-song EP, and "Singular" should be played at maximum volume. If the name Candybomber sounds familiar, perhaps you have an EP by that name the Kensingtons put out in 2011. One half of the Kensigtons is Stewart Tudor-Jackman, and he has resurrected the name Candybomber for this debut project. The Kensingtons will be remembered as twee indie pop, but there was a clue Tudor-Jackman might be ready to go power pop in the vein of the Posies. If you get the chance, check out "The Ground Came Up To Meet Us" from the 2013 EP "Black Tag Parade" to hear what I mean. That's the song that hooked me on the Kensingtons. As for Candybomber, I'm taken by the crisp production. Not slick by any means but crisp and clean as a whistle.

Now for something completely different. There are some great bands out there paying homage to the sounds of Stereolab. A couple that come to mind are Cosines and Jigsaw alum Le SuperHomard. Watoo Watoo will surely remind you of Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier when they were at their poppiest, and Chris hears some Felt and Broadcast in there too. No matter the influences you recognize, you will no doubt want to brush up on your French and hit the dance floor when playing long player 'Modern Express'.


Walter said...

All great stuff Brian and worth to check out more of them. Thank you mate

Brian said...

Thanks, Walter. Quality.

mk is Watoo said...

Thanks Brian for mentionning Watoo Watoo!

stewart candybomber said...

Thank you for saying such nice things about our EP!