Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Formula Adds Up for Math and Physics Club

After five long years, 'Our Hearts Beat Out Loud' has been dethroned, and I can continue to say my favorite album by Math and Physics Club is whatever happens to be the band's latest release. 'Lived Here Before' came out a couple of weeks ago, and it's getting plays at LTL HQ daily. To these ears, the sound is a little richer, a little fuller and a little darker. This is not a metamorphosis, however, and that melancholy mood that's like manna to us indie-pop fans is still here. In short, this is the first vital release of 2018.

Order heavyweight blue vinyl from Fika Recordings, or get the fancy six-panel sleeved CD from Matinée Recordings.


McPop said...

Hey Brian,

I just received package from Jigsaw that includes latest Math and Physics Club as well as Last Leaves, Keep Left Signs, A Certain Smile and comeback album by Sneaky Feelings.

Can’t wait to do some listening this weekend! Cheers, Matt

Brian said...

You are about to have a great weekend, my friend. Have them all but Keep Left Signs.