Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Video Tribute to June Miles-Kingston

Ever since those mammoth posts on Everything But the Girl last month, I have been digging into the music of the duo's band mates. June Miles-Kingston has certainly had an interesting career. Let's check out a few of the highlights:

With the Mo-Dettes in 1979. Best video of the bunch.

So many great clips of her time with the Fun Boy Three in '83. Check out their performance on "Razzmatazz" too. It's a keeper.

From 1984, here is June's one and only solo single.

On "The Old Grey Whistle Test" with Everything But the Girl in 1985...

Nice vocals from Microdisney's 1985 album 'The Clock Comes Down The Stairs'...

Lovely song from 1986 made even lovelier by June's vocals. Her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Hughes, was in the Lover Speaks.

One of two songs on Big Country's 1986 album 'The Seer' featuring June's voice. Perhaps she was overshadowed by Kate Bush's appearance on the title track. Well, not by me.

This 1989 duet with Jimmy Somerville is the the one for which she'll be remembered. No. 14 in the UK.

From more recent times, June sings and directs this video from the one-time member of the Jazz Butcher. From 2010.


C said...

A great tribute, amazing to see everything lined up together like this. She's done so much yet I wonder how many people know her name? I wasn't aware of several of the later contributions you've posted here - thanks.
But I did get to see the Mo-dettes!

Echorich said...

JMK can certainly never be called out as a slacker! For many she may be a bit of a curiosity...girl drummer and all, but really she is a fantastic musician and has had a mighty enjoyable career from this fan's point of view.

charity chic said...

An interesting and impressive career

Brian said...

C, I think you told Scott at Spools Paradise a couple of years ago about seeing the Mo-Dettes. Was as impressive then as it is now. Lots of envy on this end.

C said...

Wow, Brian, you have a good memory! I think I may have mentioned that I went out with Ramona's husband - erm - obviously before she did!!! (I was only 15) And now of course I sound like a terrible name-dropper but it's just funny to think of it. They're still married too.
The Mo-dettes gig I went to was after I went out with him but I do remember him being there. I'm thinking they may have met that night!
Anyway, JMK was very good!