Thursday, February 23, 2017

What the Kids Are Listening to Today (Part 1)

I so enjoyed doing that recent post on my 10-year-old son's burgeoning record collection that I have decided to make it an occasional series. Now, obviously, after learning his first three records were by the Monkees, the Beach Boys and the Vince Guaraldi Trio, you know the name of this series is a stab at humor.

His fourth purchase continues the trend of repelling his peers. Lil' T, as he will be known on these pages from now on, plays the clarinet with the kind of passion that fills me with envy. So, I wasn't surprised when he spotted this beat up but interesting set of six 7" singles on a shelf at a little used book store the other day. Benny Goodman's 'Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert' is full of fantastic performances by legends like Harry James, Gene Krupa and, a favorite of mine, vibraphonist Lionel Hampton. This edition came out in 1950, and I have a strong suspicion Lil' T's box set really is more than 65 years old. It just has that look, sound, feel and even smell, you know? Still, not bad for $2.

Lil' T's review: "I like these little records. They play a lot better on my record player. And it's nice to listen to songs without words sometimes."

Well, perhaps we'll get more on the music next time. Thanks for classing up the joint, son. One more warning, folks. Records don't get much scratchier than this one, but what a song!

"Sing Sing Sing" (Live)


C said...

It IS a great song! And I'm loving these posts - a reminder of that genuine purity of appeal of something when you're a kid, unaffected by other factors - I think it must be the time in life when our tastes are more eclectic than they'll ever be again.
I'm also drawn by the cover artwork so characteristic of its time, and I can almost smell it from here - yep do know what you mean. Love these old records. Looking forward to more in the series, what a great idea.

Charity Chic said...

As C said
You would buy it for the sleeve alone
Looking forward to watching the collection develop

George said...

Possibly the best track here this week, and certainly a lot better than Stephen Duffy. We really need more from Lil' T on these pages!

Brian said...

I'll take this over Tin Tin too, George. Wish it was in a little better shape, but I don't think it makes much difference on Lil' T's Crosley record player.

CC, A very occasional series, I imagine, but it's nice to have Lil' T interested in the hunt with his old man.

C, It is a really cool looking little box. Has that attic smell, however. Fun to watch my son's eyes light up because of a record. Like you say, a special time in a fan's life.

Howard (@indiepopSML) said...

such a cool post!!! my Dad was a huge big band era fan and the one song that stood out by far for me as a young kid was Benny Goodman's "Sing Sing Sing". It just grabs you. Thx for bringing back a very different and special kind of memory compared with the usual series of excellent blog entries.

Brian said...

Thanks for that, Howard. Sounds like a nice memory for you as well. And thanks for the heads up on that Darling Buds EP. Didn't know about that. You've been on fire over at your place. Hope you're enjoying the new Bats album. Good stuff.

JC said...

I hope Lil' T is getting union rates for these contributions.......

Great idea for a series Brian. Looking forward to more of these.