Friday, December 16, 2016

Favorite Songs/EPs of 2016

Yes, 2016 was awful, but you wouldn't know by this list. Most years, I end up with a top 25 or 30, but I could have come up with a Festive 50 quite easily. I settled on a solid 40 filled with C86 vets (Wolfhounds, Close Lobsters) and those who are keeping that sound alive (Real Numbers, the Holiday Crowd). There are surprising comebacks (Lush, the Seashells, the Monkees), fresh projects (Simon and Wendy Pickles as the Perfect English Weather and Yves Altana of Chameleons/Patrick Fitzgerald of Kitchens of Distinction as Oskar's Drum) and a couple of tough goodbyes (Allo Darlin' and David Bowie). This list proves Australia is indie-pop central right now (the Goon Sax, Chook Race, Community Radio), and Shelflife Records is label of the year. That's enough. Let's get to the music. I'll conclude with this: I never would have thought a Black Sabbath cover could end up on a list like this, let alone in my top 5!

40. Bent Shapes -"New Starts in Old Dominion"
39. The Divine Comedy - "How Can You Leave Me On My Own"
38. The High Llamas - "Here Come the Rattling Trees"
37. Ice Choir - "Unprepared"
36. Dexys - "Grazing in the Grass"
35. Mercury Girls - "Ariana"
34. EZTV - "High Flying Faith"
33. Ben Watt - "Gradually"
32. Oskar's Drum - "Blackouts"
31. Angel Olsen - "Sister"
30. The Fireworks - "Black and Blue EP"
29. Palms on Fire - "Sword & Shield"
28. Tangible Excitement! - "Tangible Excitement! EP"
27. Stephen's Shore - "Ocean Blue"
26. Red Sleeping Beauty - "Always"
25. The Wolfhounds - "My Legendary Childhood"
24. The Monkees - "She Makes Me Laugh"
23. The Monochrome Set - "Cosmonaut"
22. The Wedding Present - "Rachel"
21. The Limiñanas (featuring Peter Hook) - "Garden of Love"
20. The Seashells - "Thoughtlessness"
19. Cate Le Bon - "Wonderful"
18. Community Radio - "One Book a Treasure"
17. Lush - "Blind Spot EP"
16. Math and Physics Club - "Coastal California, 1985"
15. Close Lobsters - "Desire and Signs EP"
14. Allo Darlin' - "Hymn on the 45"
13. Sha La Das - "Those Years Are Over"
12. ABC - "The Flames of Desire"
11. Lightning in a Twilight Hour - "And All the Ships at Sea EP"
10. Le SuperHomard - "Dry Salt in Our Hair"
9. Cosines - "Transitions EP"
8. Pete Astor - "Really Something"
7. Real Numbers - "Frank Infatuation"
6. The Holiday Crowd - "Cheer Up"
5. Charles Bradley - "Changes"
4. The Perfect English Weather - "Spirited Away"
3. Chook Race - "Hard to Clean"
2. The Goon Sax - "Sometimes Accidentally"
1. David Bowie - "I Can't Give Everything Away"

Q&A With Pete Astor
Q&A With Simon and Wendy Pickles of the Perfect English Weather


drew said...

Brilliant Brian, loads for me to check out that I have missed. Thanks

The Swede said...

I tried to find a place for 'Sometimes Accidentally' on my Tracks of My Year list, but failed. Re-listening now, I realise that I should've tried harder! The Monkees just failed to make it too, although in my case it was a different track. Walter shone a light on The Monochome Set recently and I was mighty impressed then as now. I remember being very partial to Cosines and Pete Astor when you posted them earlier in 2016. I'd forgotten about Charles Bradley's Sabbath cover - I think I actually posted it over at my place as well! A tremendous list Brian, so much here for me to check out or re-visit. A couple of the names will feature prominently in my albums run-down.

charity chic said...

Brian - you are a star!

Echorich said...

WHEW! Brian, we have once again intersected on more than a few artist and songs. I always look to you to keep my indie side in line and I am VERY VERY happy to see one song in particular. I won't let on until I get to it as well. Hurray for ABC making someone else's top songs list!

Swiss Adam said...

Good stuff Brian.

drew said...

Brian - 100 copies of the Allo Darlin'single available here

Brian said...

Thank you so much, Drew. Got one the minute I saw your message. Nice to not be fleeced down the line.

Rol said...

Plenty to investigate there since I only know 5 of the songs on your list. That'll keep me busy...

Chris said...

Interesting, varied list. I love How Could You Leave Me On My Own, surely a contemporary classic? Sister by Angel Olsen is also one of my favorites of 2016. I’m going to give a few of the lesser known picks a listen.

Dirk said...

Jesus Christ, and those are even better!!!! Thanks man ... !