Thursday, September 22, 2016

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter C, Part 26)

I'm feeling the need to wrap up letter C. So, I have pared it down to seven more artists. Today's pick is slightly out of order, but I decided on the switch because there is much to celebrate. I subscribe to the email blasts that come out of Crowded House headquarters, and the band's much discussed reissue campaign finally officially launched yesterday. Every single album in the Crowded House catalog will be released as two-disc editions in November. The number of bonus tracks is staggering, and the packaging looks impressive. Check out the tracklists and preorder info at the Crowded House store. Don't worry, wax fans... there will be new standard vinyl editions too.

As for my own collection, I have all seven albums, and it probably won't surprise you the switch from vinyl to compact disc came between 'Woodface' and 'Together Alone.' A quick look to the vinyl shelf shows I do have a couple of things that didn't make the upcoming deluxe editions. Here's one. Let's go back 30 years (What?!?) to the band's second single. The intro is oh-so '80s 12", but then it settles in to a nice mix I think you'll enjoy. Then start saving those shekels.

"World Where You Live" (Extended Version)


charity chic said...

Crowded House are a band who do nothing for me Brian I'm afraid

The Swede said...

I know the first 4 albums well, though only actually own the 'Best of'. Neil Finn is a hell of a songwriter.

friend of rachel worth said...

I love Crowded House always thought they were the acceptable face of AOR. The one band I really wished I'd seen live

Brian said...

Thanks, FORW. Was feeling rather lonely with this one. I didn't see Crowded House live until 2010, but it was worth the wait. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every album.