Friday, July 15, 2016

Georgia on My Mind

I rarely tout upcoming live shows because so many readers come from lands far away, but every once in a while a lineup so intrigues me it seems worth urging you to pack your suitcase and make the trek. Certainly doesn't hurt when the destination is worth a visit on its own merit too. Then throw in the fact that the brains and brawn behind it all are salt of the earth and I just can't help but feel it's my duty as an indie-pop disciple to spread the word.

Athens Popfest was in hibernation for a few years there, but Mike Turner and his crew at HHBTM Records have returned with a roster that rivals (if not surpasses) those past parties. Like celebrations of yore, there are plenty of great band's from Turner's label, as well as from personal favorites such as Slumberland, Kanine and Jigsaw. Like over at NYC Popfest, organizers realize there are old "mature" indie fans like myself that still yearn to get out there. Remnants of Elephant 6 remain, like Elf Power and Spaceflyte (Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo), but the biggest draw for me is the triumphant return of Athens legends Love Tractor. As Duckie would say, "let's plow!"

Unlike some other music festivals, at Athens Popfest, you won't have to choose between different stages and bands going on at the same time. If you want to see all 50 bands, go for it. The schedule abides. And you'll have plenty of money in your wallet to shop at Wuxtry Records too because four-day passes are only $57. To put it in perspective, a certain four-day festival coming up in Chicago will set you back $335, and for that you get the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with dehydrated chest-bumping dudes dry heaving in your ear. Just sayin'.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should go to Athens Popfest, Aug. 10-13. The defense rests.

1. Expert Alterations

2. Lunchbox

3. Deerhoof

4. Daniel Johnston

5. Bent Shapes

6. Casper & the Cookies

7. Elf Power

8. Love Tractor

9. Dressy Bessy

10. Bunnygrunt


Charity Chic said...

Even if Love Tractor and Bunnygrunt weren't good you would still pay good money to see them with names like that

The Swede said...

10 good reasons to go right there Brian (well 9 actually - the Lunchbox YouTube clip won't play in the UK) and what a total bargain!

George said...

Those nine tracks made for a very good listen on this sunny morning. (no lunchbox here either).

kevinpat said...

Daniel Johnston. :)))))))