Sunday, June 26, 2016

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter C, Part 13)

This one hasn't been played for more than 30 years, but spinning it today immediately took me back to when I bought 'Golden Shower of Hits' in 1984. I know it was 1984 because that's when I saw 'Repo Man,' and this 14-year-old became immediately smitten with everything about the movie (the word "film" just doesn't apply here), including the soundtrack. Here are but three great moments of many from a movie I could probably recite by heart:

1. Kevin: There's fuckin' room to move as a fry cook. I could be manager in two years. King! God!

2. Bud: Credit is a sacred trust, it's what our free society was founded on! Do you think they give a damn about their bills in Russia? I said do you think they give a damn about their bills in Russia!?
Otto Maddox: They don't pay bills in Russia, it's all free.
Bud: What are you, a fuckin' Commie?
Otto Maddox: No, I aint no Commie!
Bud: I don't want no Commies in my car! [pause] No Christians, either!

This one takes a moment to explain. Otto is trying to have a serious conversation with his parents while they are watching a televangelist. This is what you hear in the background coming from the TV.

3. Reverend Larry: The lord has told me personally, 'Yea, for I walk with the lord, Amen.' He said, 'Larry you and your flock shall seek the promised land. But only if you first destroy the twin evils of godless communism abroad and liberal humanism at home.' Oh, joyous hallelujahs. Smash'em down. Now my friends. Occasionally we get a letter from a viewer that says now the only reason Reverend Larry comes on your television set is because he wants your money. And do you know what? They're right! I do want your money. Because god wants your money. So I want you to go out and mortgage that home and sell that car and send me your money. You don't need that car...

Wow, I'm really getting off topic, and I'm not going to have anything to write about when I get to the soundtrack later in the series. Anyway, for a few minutes in 1984, thanks to the movie, I really got into punk, specifically from the West Coast. That's why I have Circle Jerks on the shelf. The title of the album sounds like a compilation, but it's their third studio album, circa 1983. I heard this first song on 'Repo Man,' but it's on this album too. It happens to be my favorite and quite fitting given the political atmosphere here and around the globe. Hold on tight.

"Coup d'etat"

If you remember the "Stars on 45" disco medley from 1981, this might be a smile. "Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)" is six pieces of schlock that tell the story of a couple's love affair, surprise pregnancy, quickie marriage and ultimate divorce using the songs "Along Comes Mary," "Close to You," "Afternoon Delight," "Having My Baby," "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." I don't know if they quite pulled it off, but it's a hell of an effort. Fans from their earliest days hated it, but it's almost as if they weren't in on the joke. The name of the song and Keith Morris' belch at the end of "Close to You" should have given them not-so-subtle hints.

"Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)"


The Swede said...

I was a big Alex Cox fan for a while and saw Repo Man once, at the time of its release, but can remember virtually nothing about it - as my old Nan would've said, 'I've been asleep since then'. I'll add it to the list of things I need to re-visit. I know nowt about Circle Jerks, but 'Golden Shower of Hits' is a hoot.

Echorich said...

Call it East Coast / West Coast divide, but I never really got into LA Punk outside of X, Dead Kennedys and The Dickies - the latter being honorary Downtown New Yorkers after a fashion because of how much they played in the clubs. And as LA Punk turned hardcore, it left me by the roadside.

kevinpat said...

"All I wanted was a coke. And she wouldn't give it to me!!" LOVE the "Repo Man" and the soundtrack. Although I can't listen to it when I'm cooking or entertaining I do love the Circle Jerks and the like. It's for the disaffected teenager still in me. And for some reason it always requires a hat.....??? The band X stands on it's own though. One of the great rock & roll bands who successfully blended punk & country western, yet unabashedly & literally told the story of dirty urban life. I like that. I have cooked to X. :)))

Echorich said...

Sorry Kevpat, but I have to ask - were you cooking in your "soul kitchen?" (please send all complaints to the apprporiate authorities...)

Brian said...

X deserves a special spot in the hearts of all, and I will be getting to them. Too bad that at the rate I'm going it will be in about two years. My punk phase lasted about a year, but my love of X transcends a phase. Think I may give them a spin today. Been far too long. Thanks for chiming in, fellas.

kevinpat said...

Yes Echorich. I was making some X-cellent bacon and X. I like them once over twice. Ha! (actually I don't eat pigs anymore)