Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy (Mitch) Easter!

Brussels, the Donald, Michigan State... the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket when we should be talking about another kind of basket, and the scuttlebutt is a certain bunny is feeling pretty blasé during this, his most important weekend on the calendar. To ensure you get gobs of goodies tomorrow morning, I have decided to post my annual celebration of all things Mitch Easter a few hours earlier than usual. What, you didn't know he was a fan? Nothing gets Peter Cottontail hoppin' like some Sneakers or Let's Active, but he enjoys the genius' work as a producer, engineer and mixer as well. OK, you rascally rabbit, take a few minutes to unfold those floppy ears and get your jangle on before punching the clock... and don't forget my Fannie May cream eggs!

"Hold Me Up" - Velvet Crush
"24" - Game Theory
"Blues is King" - Marshall Crenshaw
"Gardening at Night" - R.E.M.
"Easy Does" - Let's Active


1001Songs said...

Nicely done. In person, Mitch isn't much taller than a rabbit.

Brian said...

Thanks 1001Songs. Perhaps you'll highlight that Sneakers EP from 1976 since you're working on that year right now at your place. As for Mitch, his stature is his only fault to these eyes.

The Swede said...

A fine selection to start my Sunday Brian.

kevinpat said...

That's one rabbit hole I'm happy to go down, Brian!

Not to spill the beans...(oh wait, did I just say that???) on the H2A addendums but he's a snappy little Easter egg for y'all Mitch Men. The Muttettes "Leatherette Heart". Check it!

(If you celebrate) have a wonderful Easter!!!

BTW ~Saw a wonderful solo Robyn Hitchcock show last night. Whew! Apparently the choice of songs to sing from his vast array was decided by Facebook-ers. That was kinda fun. And then he said he organized the show by chords. Ha! A wonderfully strange man. He was very friendly at the Meet&Greet after the show. He said to say hello to you all! My buddy got Robyn's set list. Wish I knew how to post it here...

Don't eat the red jelly beans. They taste like soap.

McPop said...

Mitch Easter is the best! Great song selections from his stellar production work. Thanks.

JC said...

Thanks for making me laugh Brian. Great posting, designed perfectly to take folks minds off the crap things happening in the world.

Brian said...

Kevinpat, Lots of huge Hitchcock fans here. You're a lucky man. Looking forward to that new mix.

McPop, Easter seems to have his hand in so many of my favorites. I never seem to run out of material with his annual post. I even ordered a new one this year for the occasion but it didn't make it here in time. So, I have a good start for next year... or a little later in this vinyl series.

JC, I'm with you on 2016 being a giant suck so far. It's gotta get better, right?

Swede, Thanks for the kind words. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

The Swede said...

Exciting news for many of us who like to hang-out around his particular watering hole - I just read that the forthcoming new Robyn Hitchcock album is produced by Brendan Benson!

Brian said...

Swede, I just saw this. Sometime I miss these things when they come in a few days after I posted it, Many apologies. I had not heard this piece of good news. Two greats, for sure. That doesn't always mean a great result, but I have a good feeling in this case.