Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter A, Part 6)

Counting this one, I have four more bands from the letter A that I plan to transfer to a digital format this round, and three of them called Scotland home. Says a lot about that fertile ground, doesn't it? It seems silly to go into too much detail about Altered Images when JC at The (new) Vinyl Villain recently concluded such a fine series on the band's entire singles discography. As you can see, I have much of the band's work too, but I'm not in JC's league. I don't have the singles "Song Sung Blue," "Love To Stay" or "Change of Heart." For more than 30 years I have kept half an eye out for them, and I have always imagined finding the trio at once when some old fan sells off his entire vinyl collection at my local mom-and-pop shop. Hey, it could happen.

Like many of you, my love affair with Altered Images began and ended with guitarirst Tony McDaid. I kid. Of course it was Clare! It was always Clare. Dorothy was fine, but we all knew Gregory got the right girl. In my youth, 'Pinky Blue' was the album for me, and I still enjoy it, but now the more polished 'Bite' is the one I'll usually grab. Here is the eight-and-a-half minute version of the band's finest moment. Even my kids like it. This one, along with "I Could be Happy," often become family sing-alongs on car trips. Hearing my youngest mimic Clare, proclaiming "all of these things I do to get away from you," is a real hoot.

"Don't Talk to Me About Love" (Long Version)


The Swede said...

Ah, Clare (sigh.....). 'Bite' is a wonderfully polished pop gem that I never ever tire of.

Echorich said...

You know Brian, Bite gets so much better with age. Sure it's a bit disjointed due to the direction of the producers involved - more than anything else, but it's a level of maturity you weren't expecting at the time and it came over as a slick desperation, which I think is kind of off the mark looking back. Mike Chapman went right for the pop jugular, but Tony Visconti seemed to let the band explore more of a winding path to a pop song. Compare Don't Talk To Me About Love to Thinking About You...

TheRobster said...

"I'm not in JC's league"
Mate, very few are in JC's league. He's Premier League. I'm kind of mid-table Welsh League Division One (Monmouth Town? Briton Ferry Llansawel, perhaps?)

Brian said...

Allow me to interpret for you North Americans. JC is the Yankees or Cardinals while the rest of us are struggling in the Pacific Coast League. He's so right. Well said, Robster.

Echorich and Swede, I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm pleased there are still a few of us out there giving this a spin.

JC said...

If you're going to use a baseball analogy, please....anyone but them damned Yankees!!! (I am a Blue Jays boy.....)

Seriously....I'm totally flattered by the kind comments made above and really, I don't regard what I do as being special.

Oh and Brian....let me try and track down those missing singles for you.

JC said...

re the above.

Song Sung Blue was a mainland Europe only release and I haven't got a copy in the collection.

But good news on the other two.....drop me a line when you're able.