Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buried Gem From the Bodines

Sandwiched between very good songs from the Wolfhounds and Mighty Mighty on NME's legendary 'C86' comp is the even better "Therese" by Derbyshire's the Bodines. If you've been a regular visitor to this blog for a while, you know this band is one of my favorites of the era, and I still pull out my Creation singles and the grossly underrated 'Played' album with regularity.

The Bodines' career was short lived, and I always wished for more of their brand of jangle. I was granted a small gift in 2007 when Firestation Records unearthed three tracks from 1988. Based on the year and the classic lineup credited on the back cover, I assume this was early work for an aborted followup to 'Played' just before Magnet Records dumped them. Plus, these songs sound more like 'Played' than the single they did for Play Hard Records before they called it quits in 1989.

I have known about these unreleased tracks on "Shrinkwrap" for several years, but I stupidly didn't buy the CD when it came out. Although it didn't seem likely, I always hoped I would be obliviously flipping through the racks at a little hole-in-the-wall indie shop someday and it would just appear. Like manna from heaven, that's exactly what happened a couple of months ago, and it has turned out to be one of my better finds this year. No, this isn't "Therese," but within seconds of putting on "Shrinkwrap" the first time I had goosebumps hearing Michael Ryan's unmistakable voice again. I dedicate this one to retired blogger Friend of Rachel Worth. I know he's a big fan too.



friend of rachel worth said...

Thanks Brian much appreciated. It is one of the wonders of the internet when you stumble across stuff you didn't know existed. The unreleased beloved lp that bridged the new order sound of early songs and happiness, as well as the unreleased its immaterial 3rd lp were a couple of my holy grail moments.

Brian said...

FORW, Thanks for responding. Gives me the chance to tell you I picked up The Lost Star from the Orchids on the same day as this ones from the Bodines. Finally taking your advice and buying the more recent releases. It was a good day.

Judge Pop said...

"Heard It All" by the Bodines is just about my favourite indie-disco song of all time. And definitely in my top 10 singles too. A classic 12" single the bristles with angst as soon as the needle hits the vinyl.

Judge Pop said...

Love Shrink Wrap too ... a new tune for me.

Brian said...

Hi Judge Pop. Hope the new project is going well. Couldn't be more with you on Heard It All. Can't help but wonder what could have been if something like choosing Magnet hadn't happened. Who knows? Maybe the Bodines would have had a short life anyway, but re-releasing Therese as their first single for the label turned out to be an ominous sign. I'm not complaining too much. They left us several strong songs.

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