Saturday, August 29, 2015

Slew of Exciting September Releases

It has been seven long years since we heard from former Go-Between Robert Forster. Based on what I have heard so far, 'Songs to Play' will have been well worth the wait. Here are two takes of "Let Me Imagine You." This first clip is a solo acoustic performance from the other day at ABC Radio Tasmania. The second is with his latest band. NPR streamed album opener "Learn to Burn" a couple of weeks ago too.

Coming off their triumphant appearance at this year's NYC Popfest, German janglers Brideshead continue their 20-plus years of, well, my kind of music. You'll hear all kinds of odes to bands of yesteryear, including Mighty Mighty, McCarthy, the Brilliant Corners and the Bodines. The fellas don't seem to have any problem wearing their influences on their sleeves, as you will see in the video for "At 45 RPM." There are quite a few 7" singles from my collection that pop up in that one... and a few more I wish I had! Start saving your shekels because 'Never Grow Up' hits the shelves the same day as Forster's new album, Sept. 18.
The sophomore album 'Colours & Changes' from UK band Presents for Sally is another one that took me back to the late '80s and early '90s, but this time with the guitar turned way up. Shoegaze is a label that seems to have stuck, and there are plenty of the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Ride to be found here, but don't pigeonhole this trio. There is plenty more going on here, and I even detect influences from this side of the pond as well, especially the more accessible side of Sonic Youth. The single "Wishawaytoday" deserves to be played on radios 'round the world. Saint Marie Records releases this one on Sept. 11.
I know I write about the School ad nauseum, but that's tough. They are just about my favorite band out there, and this is another reminder the new album, 'Wasting Away and Wondering,' will be out in less than a week. I'll shut up about them until December when their work will be plastered all over my lists for best albums and songs of the year. Don't watch that, watch this!


The Swede said...

Ouch! An expensive month ahead. I think the only lot here that I'm not familiar with are Presents for Sally - and that was pretty good too! You're definitely selling me on The School - great pop songs.
Talking of favourite bands out there, do you know Teen Canteen? No album until next year unfortunately, but they recently played a corking Marc Riley session on 6Music. Think the Shangri La’s fronted by Claire Grogan. I picked up on them via one of my blogging chums - it might even have been you! In which case, thank you!

Brian said...

Hey Swede. I caught the Teen Canteen bug at the beginning of the year when all of our Scottish peers were fawning over the gals. The "Shangri La's fronted by Claire Grogan" description is brilliant. Very much looking forward to that long player too. Glad you are enjoying the School. The first two albums were really special, and I got a sneak preview of the new one and have been listening to it for the past few weeks. Absolutely no let down at all.

Charity Chic said...

I think that JC was the first to feature Teen Canteen followed by Scott.Great description by Scott.Am eagerly awaiting the album release.I assume you are also familiar with another great Scottish girl band Honeyblood Brian?

Charity Chic said...

Great description by the Swede even!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Hiya, CC. Honeyblood is really interesting too. I think our same gang of bloggers were talking them up at about the same time as Teen Canteen. As has been witnessed before, Scotland has quite a happening scene right now.