Thursday, May 28, 2015

Seabirds Hatch Plan For Debut Album

Few first singles excited me like the dark jangle of love and loss that was "Real Tears," but that was way back in September of 2013. Thanks to Nottingham correspondent MisterPrime's review of Seabirds opening for Allo Darlin' last fall, as seen on these very pages, I knew they were still making the rounds, but I was beginning to worry Seabirds were about to go the way of the dodo. I needn't have worried. They have finally completed their long and arduous migration to the studio, and it has just been announced that debut album 'Meet Me In The Silence' is slated for a July release on the always dependable Matinée Recordings.

While we are waiting for preorder details, nesting, if you will, saddle up for new song "Independent Horses" below. It's a bouncy number filled with a copious amount of catchy guitar that really surprises this fan. "Real Tears" is on the tracklist for the new album too, but why wait? You can still get the 7" in beautiful blue vinyl straight from the label, and that includes a download. Believe me, it's the best five bucks you'll ever spend. Looking forward to summer yet?

And one more time, here's "Real Tears."


george said...

Brian, I absolutely love these two tracks. I'm racking my brains to think of who they remind me of, and I think it's Hefner, which is no bad thing.

MisterPrime said...

Nice that I can rely on Seattle to keep me informed as to what's going on with Nottingham! Good news too. I've been listening fairly compulsively this week to Bobby Wratton's new project, Lightning In A Twilight Hour, and can heartily recommend it if you've not heard it - ambient indie, nonetheless, and a must for Field Mice fans (which would have to include most right-thinking souls, no...!?)

drew said...

Really like that, I just wish shipping to the UK wasn't so damned expensive , more than twice the price of the single!

The Swede said...

More pop wonderfulness that I've never heard before. If anything, I'd say that 'Independent Tears' is the stronger of the two tunes, but they're both top notch.

Brian said...

MisterPrime, Yep, Elefant does it again with Lightning In A Twilight Hour. Let me know if you catch Seabirds again in Nottingham. They are at NYC Popfest and Philadelphia this weekend, but I think that's it for American dates right now.

Drew, That's a bummer about the shipping. Maybe you can still find it locally. Would Stephen have it at his shop?

George and the Swede, I have a good feeling about this album. I'll keep an eye on more songs from it between now and July.