Saturday, December 20, 2014

Favorite Albums of 2014

1. The Popguns - 'Pop Fiction'
2. The Luxembourg Signal - 'The Luxembourg Signal'
3. Real Estate - 'Atlas'
4. Lunchbox - 'Lunchbox Loves You'
5. Allo Darlin' - 'We Come From the Same Place'
6. Primitives - 'Spin-O-Rama'
7. Spoon - 'They Want My Soul'
8. Alvvays - 'Alvvays'
9. The Hit Parade - 'Cornish Pop Songs'
10. Cosines - 'Oscillations'
11. Roddy Frame - 'Seven Dials'
12. The Woodentops - 'Granular Tales'
13. Slow Club - 'Complete Surrender'
14. The New Pornographers - 'Brill Bruisers'
15. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - 'Days of Abandon'
15. Gruff Rhys - 'American Interior'

Because a Top 16 just didn't sound quite right... that's why.


Pop Judge said...

Glad you managed to fit in American Interior at 15. Such a cool album and a brilliant live show.

george said...

There seems to be quite a few of us who are fans of this Slowclub album.

Brian said...

Hi Simon. Sorry you didn't find anything else in the Top 15 to your liking. Ha! Yes, American Interior is an amazing album... with or without seeing Rhys' film.

So happy things are going so well with the album and live shows. Haven't found a bad word anywhere. Happy holidays to you, Wendy, Greg, Pat, Tony and Kate.

Brian said...

Hey George,
Really liked Complete Surrender too. There were at least four different songs for the album considered for my songs list. I particularly like Tears of Joy, Suffering You, Suffering Me, and The Pieces. The lyrics and vibe to Not Mine to Love are jaw dropping. I felt like there were a couple of throwaways... otherwise this album would have been even higher.

Echorich said...

Getting my list pared down to 20...not an easy feat, but the Gruff Rhys, Primitives and Luxembourg Signal albums will appear.

Brian said...

Hey, Echorich. I give you full credit for getting me to buy American Interior in the first place. You mentioned it on the comment board several months My top 2 were very easy for me, but after that... I felt like I left a few off the list completely that deserved mention, but I'm suffering from list fatigue and wanted to wrap it up. Anyway, get that list finished, man!

Brian said...

Remember earlier this year when the Popguns got us in the mood for the World Cup? Well, now they are doing their level best to get us in the holiday mood too. My spirit is certainly brighter. Thank you, Popguns!

Scott said...

Hi Brian, at least 4 of these albums will feature in my rundown that is still being worked on at the moment. Great list, a few on there that I have not heard but will remedy that soon.