Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Take Me to the Associates

Most fans would agree the band's best moment was the A-side of 'Sulk' in 1982 (OK, a few might go back even further than that), but I hope we can all agree there were still a few memorable moments even after Alan Rankine left and Billy Mackenzie continued under the Associates' moniker. Here's one from '85 I rather liked... even if the listening public didn't go for it. The non-album single completely failed to chart, and there wouldn't be another single until the "Heart of Glass" cover in '88. I really liked that one too.

The first take below is from a really cool five-song 10" that included three live songs recorded at Ronnie Scott's. Sure, it's a little scratchy, but c'mon, the vinyl is 28 years old. The differences found in the 12" are subtle and restrained for a mid-'80s extended mix, but I think you'll enjoy an extra two minutes from the late great Scotsman.

Associates - Take Me to the Girl (mp3)
Associates - Take Me to the Girl (12" Mix) (mp3)

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Echorich said...

Have you been creeping through my record collection again?? There is definitely some cosmic, musical ley lines connecting many of us!
I have been sulking for the past few days as my best friend in London was invited to see B.E.F. performing their latest DARK opus as well as others from the previous two Music of Quality and Distinction. This of course led me to listen on repeat to Billy's definitive version of Bowie's Secret Life Of Arabia (yes I believe he out-did the Thin White Duke on his cover.) From their I have moved on to creating a 40 song playlist of Associates/MacKenzie tracks for the car and break time at work.