Sunday, February 17, 2013

Release Date for New Big Country Album

I was going to wait until U.S. tour dates were official, but I can't sit on this news. Cherry Red has just announced (Yep, Cherry Red is the new label.) a release date for the new Big Country album, the first since the death of Stuart Adamson more than a decade ago. 'The Journey' hits the shelves in the UK on April 15. As a reminder, with the retirement of bassist Tony Butler, the new lineup looks like this:

Bruce Watson (guitar)
Jamie Watson (guitar)
Mike Peters (vocals)
Derek Forbes (bass) (original bassist from Simple Minds)
Mark Brzezicki (drums)

Bruce has written on the forum page of the official Big Country site that U.S. tour dates could be announced later this month. Those of you in Europe already have ample opportunities to see the fellas. Check the link above for details.

I really liked "Another Country," the single the band released back in 2011. The new songs I have seen performed via low-quality YouTube videos haven't excited me quite as much, but I realize that's no way to judge. So, I'll continue to be optimistic. In the meantime, here's the video for "Another Country." I miss you, Tony!

March 3 Update: By the looks of the Amazon link, the new album will be released in the United States on April 30. Here is the tracklist:

1. In a Broken Promise Land
2. The Journey
3. After the Flood
4. Hurt
5. Home of the Brave
6. Angels and Promises
7. Strong (All Through This Land)
8. Last Ship Sails
9. Another Country
10. Return
11. Winter Fire
12. Hail and Farewell

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