Friday, October 26, 2012

How Do You Feel About Felt?

After several days sequestered with the music of Felt, the verdict is in. The summary of the evidence shows, quite clearly, Felt should be one of my favorites:

Exhibit A: They were influenced by the right bands.
Exhibit B: They influenced the right bands.
Exhibit C: They were on the right labels.

And yet, after all of these years (and a retrial of sorts), I have been found guilty (again) of indifference. Felt's frontman, the mysterious Lawrence, is known to love Television, and Stuart Murdoch is known to love Lawrence. Check... and check. The band was around for 10 singles and 10 albums between 1979 and 1989, all on either the legendary labels Cherry Red or Creation. Check. Lawrence sounds like Lou Reed with just a hint of Lloyd Cole. Check. Felt's middle years, in particular, are chock full of jangle. Check. So, what gives?

Other than the fact I don't like the percussion found on the early singles, I don't have an explanation. And I do like a few songs, such as "Primitive Painters," "Penelope Tree" and the song below. All three songs can be found on the collection 'Stains on a Decade.' Not all of the band's singles are there, but you can get a pretty good feel for Felt since both the Cherry Red and Creation years are represented.

If there are any big Felt fans out there, please enlighten me. What do you consider the band's best work... and why?

Felt - Ballad of the Band (mp3)

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