Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snapshot of Upcoming Aztec Camera Bonus Tracks

I should be ecstatic. Aztec Camera's catalog is about to be reissued with loads of bonus tracks. As you may know, I'm a pretty big fan. 'High Land, Hard Rain' is my favorite album to ever come out of Scotland, and I happen to like quite a few other moments in Roddy Frame's discography. So much so, in fact, that for the last year I made it my mission to find most of the bonus tracks found on these new reissues. Patience is, indeed, a virtue. I do enjoy the hunt, but if I had waited a bit, I could have had all of these songs in one shot. My one saving grace is that I got most of the following songs on vinyl, and the reissues are on CD.

I don't have the live show that comes as a bonus disc on the new 'Dreamland.' So, I'll probably pick that one up. I never would have believed I would be buying that particular album for a second time... I can tell you that. I'm writing about this now because Demon Music Group was to re-release the catalog this week, but there has been a brief delay. You can see the new release dates below. Let me know if you plan to pick any of these up. Are the bonus tracks worth it to you, or can you live with your old vinyl copies? Did any of you ever buy anything after the brilliant debut album? How many of these albums are essential?

Aztec Camera - Deep and Wide and Tall (Breakdown Mix) (mp3)

'High Land, Hard Rain' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 17
Queen's Tattoos
Orchid Girl
Set The Killing Free
Oblivious [12" mix]
Walk Out To Winter [12" extended version]
Oblivious [12" extended remix]

'Knife' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 3
All I Need Is Everything” [7" edit]
All I Need Is Everything [remix]
Jump [Loaded Version]

'Love' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 10
Deep And Wide And Tall [Breakdown Mix]
Bad Education
The Red Flag
Killermont Street [live]
Pillar To Post [live]
Somewhere In My Heart [12" remix]
Everybody Is A Number One [Boston '86 Version]
Somewhere In My Heart [The alternate mix]
I Threw It All Away [live]
Working In A Goldmine [sax version]

'Stray' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 10
True Colours
Consolation Prize [live]
Do I Love You?
Good Morning Britain [7" mix]
Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypno-Mix/Kitsch n Sync mix]
Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypnomental/instrumental mix]
Good Morning Britain [Laylow Posse Hypno-edit/vocal remix]
Good Morning Britain [Mendelsohn Single mix]
Good Morning Britain [Morning Acid mix]

'Dreamland' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 17
(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice [Aztec Camera with Andy Fairweather-Low]
Live at Ronnie Scott's
Recorded at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, June 23, 1991

Birth Of The True
Song For A Friend
Killermont Street
Spanish Horses
The Bugle Sounds Again
How Men Are
Sister Ann
Good Morning Britain
Mattress Of Wire
Let Your Love Decide
Orchid Girl
Just Like The USA [live at Sala Apollo, Barcelona]

'Frestonia' Bonus Tracks:
Release Date: Sept. 17
Live At The Phoenix Festival, July 1995
The Crying Scene
Black Lucia
We Could Send Letters
Rainy Season

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Uncle E said...

You are one of the few who I have ever heard of that has an affection for these guys. I am one of those fans, and am most excited about the first 2 magnificent albums, although there's something to be said about the others. As far as favorite albums to come out of Scotland, I'd have to include Orange Juice's first official release (wasn't Aztec Camera also released on Postcard at one point?), and the first few Simple Minds albums. I am excited! Thanks for sharing the bonus content.