Monday, March 12, 2012

Wishing It Was 'Always Saturday'

I don't know what it's like out today where you live. Perhaps you're lucky enough to live in St. Louis (Did I just write that?) where it's sunny and 80 degrees. Here it's dark, windy, raining sideways and 39 degrees... another Monday in Seattle. As jangle-pop heroes Guadalcanal Diary sang on their final album, 'Flip-Flop,' back in 1989, "I wanna live where it's always Saturday." For the benefit of you kids out there, '89 was way back when flip-flops were only worn in showers.

All of this weather talk should really increase my numbers with the 65+ demographic. Here's hoping you have a great week.

Guadalcanal Diary - Always Saturday (mp3)

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