Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big Country Chronicles: 'One Great Thing'

The third single from 'The Seer', released in August 1986, is Big Country filled with unbridled optimism. If you have seen the music video, you can't help but notice the fellas are all smiles as they sing:

If there's one great thing to happen in my life
If there's one great day, if there's one great height
Let it be the time for peace, let it be the time of right
If there's one great thing to happen in my life

The 12" version was called "Extended Mix" in some countries and "Boston Mix" in others. There was a second 12" version of "One Great Thing" called the "Big Baad Country Mix". It was later renamed the "Disco Mix" and issued as a bonus track on the reissue of "The Seer". Pretty tough to keep straight, eh? The two 12" versions are as different as night and day. In my opinion, "Disco Mix" is pretty awful, but I'm not a big fan of saxophone in most rock songs. Which version is your favorite?

Big Country - One Great Thing (Album Version) (mp3)
Big Country - One Great Thing (12" Version) (mp3)
Big Country - One Great Thing (Disco Mix) (mp3)

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furrball said...

Is it my imagination, or does Fileden suck rocks? Long and short. Long: ANY site that asks so much info about you and then makes you fill out a stupid survey questionnaire isn't worth the bother (I'm glad I didn't give them the real facts!) Short: I can't even find one of the Big Country files! Summary: I'll never use them again.
Which is a pity, as a) you have a great site here, and b) terrific taste in music (Big Country, OMD, etc.). (Don't tell Fileden I screwed them on the personal stuff!)

Brian said...

Hey furrball, Fileden froze my account quite a few months ago for posting a song without permission for about five hours. (I removed it as soon as I was asked.) I have moved to Box. Fileden can bite it. I appreciate you writing in. Please check back.