Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brendan Benson Is Back!

This is probably not the sentiment of most Brendan Benson fans, but I never really took to The Raconteurs. In other words, I have had to wait four years for that band to take a long enough break for Benson to assemble his next solo record. Well, the wait is almost over with the announcement ATO Records will release 'My Old Familiar Friend' on Aug. 18. I thought his last record, 'The Alternative to Love', just barely missed the mark of his previous work, 'Lapalco' and One Mississippi', but I do believe he is one of the best power-pop artists out there. It's just too bad he releases music so slowly. Since 1996, Benson has exactly three full-length LPs under his belt.

There is a tracklist floating around for 'My Old Familiar Friend' but no art or final versions of songs at this point. A while back I did get a hold of a few Benson demos. One of these tunes is on the final tracklist. Find that below. I can't wait to hear the real thing.

1. A Whole Lot Better
2. Eyes on The Horizon
3. Garbage Day
4. Gonowhere
5. Feel Like Taking You Home
6. You Make a Fool Out of Me
7. Poised and Ready
8. Don’t Want To Talk
9. Misery
10. Lesson Learned
11. Borrow

Brendan Benson - Lesson Learned (demo) (mp3)

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