Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Snow Days

What a week! Two days of no school or work so far. You know how it is, though. Looks beautiful and is fun for a while, but cabin fever eventually sets in and ruins the mood. This unexpected break has, however, given me time to rip more vinyl from under the tree. I'm going to conclude this brief post-holiday series with a 7" from Postcard Records. The small case above is home to my Postcard singles. Yes, they get their own special spot away from the other seven-inchers. For years now, I have been two short of the original lot from 1980-81. The first one is obvious. I will never own 80 1, "Falling and Laughing" from Orange Juice, but it might surprise you I have never had a physical copy of 80 4, "I Need to Heads" from the Go-Betweens, either. No, I didn't get the new box set for Christmas, but I still got some Go-Betweens. Santa came through this year, didn't she... er, uh, he?

Part of the reason it has taken me so long to grab this single comes down to not being gaga for these two songs. My digital copy always seemed to pacify. Listen, the songs are fine but, c'mon, they aren't in the same league as, say, "Cattle and Cane" or "Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea" just a few years later. Truth be told, I even prefer the two Able Label singles from 1978 and 1979 to this one from 1980. For me, this is more about being on Postcard, bragging rights and coming one step closer to completing the set. I do like thinking about Robert and Grant hanging around 185 Princes Street while I'm listening too. More snow is in the forecast tonight. Hmm, If there is another snow day tomorrow, I wonder what I should rip tomorrow?

I Need Two Heads
Stop Before You Say It


The Swede said...

I'd go along with your assessment of these two tunes Brian, but I'm chuffed that you managed to bag a copy of the single for your collection. Just 'Falling & Laughing' to go then?

Rol said...

Good use of the time, Brian. We've had a particularly mild winter so far this year. I normally can't do with snow, but the way work is at the moment, I could do with a snow day or two.

Swiss Adam said...

I'd love a snow day right now.

drew said...

I'd love a snow week, SA. We had one of those at the beginning of the 00s and Lanark was shut off from the outside world for two days. What did the good people of this parish do? They all went to the pub, I am not embellishing here when I tell you that you couldn't get a seat in any of the pubs. Billy, my boss in the Cave was worried that they would run out of beer as the weekly delivery was due the day the snow arrived and didn't get through.

Love that box Brian. I have a shelf for The Fall but maybe I should put all the singles in a separate box.

Alyson said...

It's been far too long since I dropped by - My love affair with blogging has been reinvigorated of late however (helped having a month off) so here we are.

Yes, snow days - As the others have said it's been a pretty mild winter around here but ten years ago we had a whole month of having to dig ourselves out - Car had to be parked elsewhere or no-one would have got anywhere.

Glad to see you used your time wisely and not done something ridiculous like "worked from Home" (although I'm sure you did in reality!). Love that you have this special relationship with the music of Scotland and have made so many blogging pals because of it. I did wonder why the lads would have been hanging around Princes Street (in Edinburgh) but just worked out it was the Princes Street in Glasgow - D'oh. I'm really not a muso am I.