Thursday, October 5, 2017

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter F, Part 5)

I have written about my love for the Flatmates and the Subway Organization ad nauseam. Saying this is my favorite band from my favorite label will have to suffice today. Just like Fire Engines featured last week, a stellar CD compilation of the Flatmates has seemingly made taking the time to pull out the old singles seem like a chore, but then I played the vinyl last night and realized that's a completely foolish sentiment. Not only do they sound great, pops and all, but just looking at the details of the covers, inserts and sleeves is such a treat.

Here is the complete 12" single of "Shimmer," the audience pick for second-best Subway single earlier this year on these very pages. Coincidentally, "Shimmer" peaked at No. 2 on the indie chart in 1988. Where are you, Debbie Haynes?!?

"On My Mind"
"If Not For You"


George said...

Splendid, Brian, loved all four tracks.

Brian said...

Hey George. Hope all is well. Shimmer is a fantastic single, eclipsed only by I Could Be in Heaven. Had already featured that one before when I counted down my favorite UK indie singles in 2014.

charity chic said...

A shock to see The Flatmates featuring here Brian!

The Swede said...

Great to hear these again Brian.

Post-Punk Monk said...

I was an American with no conception at all of the C-86 phenomenon at it happened at the time, but I happened to see the 1989 Subway CD in my local preferred emporium's import CD bins [the only ones worth paying strict attention to] and the thing simply reeked of "buy me!" which, of course, I did. That was a good move on my part as I was rewarded with just the sort of infectious, unpretentious pop that can really chase the doldrums away.

JC said...

I love it when your fanboy tendencies some to the fore in your posts. Great piece of writing....bey you typed it all up with a huge smile on your face.