Thursday, October 12, 2017

ABCs of My Vinyl Collection (Letter F, Part 7)

Although I never stopped trying, I just couldn't get into the Fiery Furnaces. I found the work of siblings Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger to be too much of a challenge to my pop sensibility. Yes, the duo tried my patience, but I always gave their latest work a listen out of loyalty to the fact they originally hailed from Oak Park, Illinois, which was very near where I was living during their heyday.

With the Fiery Furnaces on a hiatus that has stuck to this day, Eleanor released her first solo album in 2011, and the song "My Mistakes" got stuck in my head that summer and has seemingly never left. Unlike her previous band, she keeps it simple here, and I'm entranced by her laid-back sing-speak style that reminds me a little bit of Patti Smith. There is an intimacy to the entire album that makes you feel like she is sitting there with you, spinning yarns about friends and places you both have in common. Eleanor has had two albums since then, and I have enjoyed them both immensely, but it's 'Last Summer' I spin the most.

"My Mistakes"
"Roosevelt Island"


charity chic said...

Fiery Furnaces didn't do much for me either Brian

Rol said...

I liked that first album quite a lot and a couple of songs from subsequent releases... But I always feel like she has untapped potential and one day will produce a truly great record.

JTFL said...

Love Fiery furnaces, and love Eleanor's solo stuff, too. I'm especially fond of "A Long Walk" from her last LP. I get that FF isn't for everybody but I was absolutely knocked out by Blueberry Boat. Doesn't sound like anyone else.