Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cover Me Impressed: 'She'

My 10-year-old son will be going to his first-ever show tonight, and I dedicate this post to him. Just like his old man did before him, the little guy has taken to the Monkees' old television shows and all of the music that's featured in them. Mike has always been my favorite, and my son likes Mickey best, but this is a song where we are in complete agreement. Written by the brilliant team of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and sung by Mickey, here's the great side one track one from 'More of the 'Monkees.' The 1967 album was No. 1 for 18 weeks, knocking their debut album out of the top spot after 13 weeks there.

'The Monkees - "She"

Twenty years after 'More of the Monkees,' my hero Terry Hall took a stab at this classic for the Colour Field's album 'Deception.' I didn't find the album as endearing as 'Virgins and Philistines,' but I find myself pulling out this cover with regularity. I promise to cool off on the Colour Field after this one.

The Colour Field - "She"


charity chic said...

Hope the wee man enjoys the show
The Monkees were much better than most gave them credit for and have pretty much stood the test of time

The Swede said...

10 years old? That's impressive. I didn't get to my first show until I was 12, but here I am, all these years later, still getting boyishly thrilled by live music. Enjoy your evening little man.

Brian said...

He's pretty excited... and he wants a record player for Christmas. There's hope for the future. Makes me excited too.

JC said...

Lucky wee fella. My first gig was when I was nearly 16, so he's got a huge jump on me.

The Monkees were great fun when I was growing up. I wanted to be Micky back then. Nowadays, I think it would be Peter...but that's the older and wiser me talking.